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Why a dry bag can completely waterproof?

Have you ever confused in why a dry bag can completely waterproof? Today, we’ll answer it for you. There are three key design features that make dry bags completely waterproof. They are: • PVC Tarpaulin material • Thermo or High Frequency Welded construction • The unique roll seal mechanism   Let's look at each in turn. PVC Tarpaulin Material PVC Tarpaulin is a bit of a modern wonder material...

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Outdoor drift necessary equipment--waterproof dry bag

The outdoor drift is more and more popular with people all over the world, it plays an important role in people daily life. Drift actually became the outdoor sport after the 2nd world war, some people who like outdoor sport trying to change the retired inflatable boat into the drift equipment, gradually drift becomes the waterproof drift sport nowadays.   Drift sport will need many outdoor sp...

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Outdoor sports necessary equipment: waterproof phone case

Mobile phones have become indispensable in the life of the equipment. When you travel outdoors, riding, adventure, hiking, swimming, cell phone and you'll carry around. But when the outdoor sports, you'll sweat, sweat will ruin your cell phone. Your phone will be lost inside a variety of data, which you will undoubtedly be disastrous! When you're swimming, rafting, surfing and other water sports, ...

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Most suitable for outdoor sports backpack ---- PVC waterproof backpack waterproof backpack

More and more people like to participate in outdoor sports, outdoor sports brings a healthy, happy to people. In the process of attending outdoor activities, increasing the friendship and understanding between teams and increasing the intimacy between family members. Outdoor sports and leisure sports as an ideal means becomes more free and casual sport for much of the British public of all ages. P...

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