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Cotton scarves

October 12 , 2016

We offer a wide range of cotton scarves to customers all over the world. The scarves represent the extraordinary weaving traditions and are all hand woven by women from local communities.

Cotton is famous for its softness, its breathe-ability and its strength. A Cotton Linen Printed Scarf feels comfortable around your neck and is easy to combine.

Read more about cotton, including care instructions for cotton:

Cotton is a soft fibre derived from the seeds of cotton plants. Cotton is famous for feeling comfortable on our skins because it breathes and absorbs moisture. Last but not least, cotton is strong and hardly wears.

Care instructions for cotton
You can wash cotton with warm water, but using cold water will avoid shrinking. Consider the following when washing Women Cotton Fashion Scarf:
• Wash the scarf separately the first few times;
• Only use a little soap;
• Do not use softener;
• Do not dry cotton in bright sunlight;
• Cotton will wrinkle but can be ironed.

Women's Fashion Scarves

This information does not offer any guarantees. However we know from experience that if you treat your cotton scarf with care you will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

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