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  • Quotation:
  • In this moment, you can send us the artwork and requirements for quotation.
  • Sampling:
  • If you accept the price and set-up charge, we will issue the proforma invoice to you to arrange the set-up charge. Please provide the artwork (in AI or PDF format in advance) to us and we will issue the design layout to you for approving the artwork and authorize us to produce your brand name. Once receive your payment and confirmation of artwork, we will start sampling. We will send the sample to you under your express account or by our express account charged by you.
  • Production:
  • After the sample is approved, we will issue the proforma invoice to you to arrange the payment of the bulk production. Once receive your payment, we will start the production and get back the date of the goods ready for ship to you by email. You can advice the way of shipment so that we can arrange it before the goods are ready.

    Payment term and condition of quotation:

    Payment term:

    A.T/T payment in advance ( please note that we do not bear your side bank charge of T/T. please include this kind of charge when making transfer.)-if the payment amount is under US$500 and you would like to pay it by T/T, please add bank charge of US$30 to the total issue amount.

    B.Paypal payment in advance(Paypal only for below US$500 and handling fee will be charged but not more than US$18.)please click here for details

    For the payment method, you can pay it byT/T (over US$500) or paypal (under US$500), see the details as below:

    In our company, we have one more payment method for payment under the amount US$500.00.  There is paypal which is paid by customer though e-mail on the net directly.  Our e-mail address for paypal payment islilywang@trendyindustries.comIt is so convenient for you since it can save the time and reduce your handling charge via the bank.  The following is the table of handling charge for paypal.

    UNDER USD50.00




    USD101. 00-USD150.00
















    In this time and the following time, you can choose this method for your payment.  For more details, you can click towww.paypal.comto read it andplease advise your final choosing, paypal or T/T.

    After confirmation of the payment method, we will issue the P.I. for you.

    The application for paypal is free of charge. Please click the hyper link, you will see the button of “sign up now”. Please see the below photos, the red text shown in the photos is the instruction for joining the Paypal.

    C.     If you would like to pay the payment by bank draft or cheque issued by banks outside Hong Kong, please add handling charges of US$30 to the total is issued amount.

  • Condition of quotation:
  • A.     Above quotation is based on our existing matrial and technology.

    B.     The bulk lead time will be re-confirmed after sampling.

    C.     Price will confirmed after receipt of your actual sample.

    D.     All the price quoted are reference market cost at the moment quoted which will be going down and going up as time passed by and subject to the final confirmation.

    E.     Our ex-factory unit price is based on

    condition 1.the goods ready for  pick up in our  Guangzhou warehouse, or
    condition 2*.goods  delivered  to  your office or liaison offices located in Guangdong province or Hong Kong(a. excluding other destinations in outlying islands, port, airport,  forwarder Company’s warehouse etc. ; b.excluding boxes, bags or any other bulky goods which should be reconfirmed with sales of our co. ) Also, the price is excluded all delivery fee of samples or goods abroad.

    * offer  of condition 2 is only valid when: (1) value of goods per shipment is worth RMB3,000 (USD450) or above;(2)the goods is not bulky ones like boxes, bags etc ; If the value of each shipment is between RMB 1,000(USD150) to RMB3,000 (USD450), customer has to be responsible for the freight charge;   if the value of each shipment is below RMB1,000(USD150) customer has to be responsible for the freight charge,  plus the additional handling charge of RMB100(USD15).

  • FAQ
  • Free reference samples, Min. order, cost, shipment and delivery

    Can I get reference sample of product?

    Yes, but please make your request more specific since there are many kinds of product. Please tell us what kind of product you are interested, product in what material, in what size, way of production, then we will send you the most relevant reference product samples. If you have no idea of what kind of product you want, you can browse through our website. If you still cannot decide on your product, you are welcome to contact our sales.

    How much does the product cost?

    We cannot supply a complete price list of the product reference samples showed in our website, since many of the product were made some years ago, the cost vary as time went by. If you want to know price of reference samples in our website, we will quote the last transaction price of that item but not the up-to-date one.And your product design probably will not be exactly the same as the reference samples of our product.please send us your design with color, size and material requirement of your product. Then we can quote the valid and up-to-date price of the product for you.

    What is the minimum order of the product?

    We accept very small order for the product as long as it is feasible. We are willing to meet the requirement of our customer, but sometimes we are limited by the other factors such as the availability of material, minimum quantity needed to start the machine and the cost of production. The Minimum qty. will be varied according various product line which is show in our enquiry form. Please also take note the price of the product for the small quantity will inevitably higher.

    What is the deadline leadtime?

    Delivery lead time will be varied according various product line which is show in our enquiry form.

    Does the price of the product quoted include freight?

    Prices quoted for product are mostly in ex-factory term since most product are tailor made; we know the weight and packing size of the product only after the sample and goods of the product are made.

    How should I ship the product?

    Normally product is small and light in weight, it is recommended to ship the product goods by couriers who provide door to door service if the gross weight of the product is less than 50 KGS. The cost per KG might be cheaper for shipment by air cargo or by sea; the problem is there is many additional charge such as local transportation, document charge and handling charge which make shipment of small amount of product goods very expensive. This is a mistake many product importers often made which will kill all their profit. Another suggestion is to prepay the courier charge to product maker and let them send the product on their own account. The reason is that the rate of courier charge is normally lower in the Asia zone where the centre of product manufacturing located. You can have the product maker to quote you the cost before you make the decision.

    Can you rush my order of the product?

    Yes, we will do it in a very flexible way in order to satisfy our product customer if they are in urgent needs. In some cases we can produce the product in very short time. But please do not over use the urgency service since it will make our production arrangement in a bad condition.

    Do you deliver the products to a number of locations on behalf of customer?

    Yes, we can provide this service especially when the customer of the product is a final buyer. It is because during the delivery process, our company information will inevitably showed in some documents. The consignee will know we are the manufacturer of the product. In this case, it might be harmful to the interest of product trader. If the product traders do not care about this, then we are well prepared to provide this service to them.

    Design and artwork

    Do you provide design and artwork service for product?

    Yes, we have our product designer team to serve the need of customer for single design, but if it is complicated artwork, please provided us the final complete outline AI or PDF artwork.

    How should I supply artwork for the product?

    We prefer the artwork of the product to receive the adobe illustrator file. Fonts have to be included or converted to paths, otherwise artwork will be distorted. Please send us your artwork of products as a email attachment, if the size of the file is too big to be sent by email,  please supplied the product artwork file on CD or website link of your artwork.

    Can I fax my artwork of product to you?

    No, artwork of product received by fax cannot provide the quality needed for film making. We need do draw the artwork of product again. In this case, the artwork of the product will not be exactly the same as your original design.

    Sampling and production

    Do you provide sample of product before production?

    Yes, we will send you samples of the product for approval before bulk production. We definitely will not go ahead with the bulk production for the product without your sample approval for your product.

    Can I change the design of my product?

    You change the design of your product in the design and artwork process. But you can not make change of your product after the sampling process of the product is started unless you are willing to pay the setup once more, and your shipment date of the product allow you to do so. You have to inspect the design layout of your product very carefully before you sign it and let the sampling process of the product start.

    Can I go straight to production and skip the process of sample approval for the product?

    We strongly recommend you to inspect the product sample before you pass the order for the product. It will be very risky if you do not do it this way. In the sampling process of product, mistakes or some technical problems often happen and make the product sample come out significantly different from the design of the product. We do not accept order without sample approval of the product unless the customer signed an agreement to declare that they will bear all risk. That is to say, they will accept the product and make the payment for the product no matter how the bulk production of the product is like.

    Can I have the product of the same design in different color combinations?

    Yes, we will follow your instruction to make a number of color combinations of your choice in the sampling process of your product. You can also do the same thing in your bulk production order of your product. But the cost will be different.

    Can you make the product exactly same as my original sample?

    To be honest, I do not think any product maker can reproduce a product exactly same as your original product sample. We can make a product very close to your original product, it is our expertise, but nothing can be exactly the same in the reproduction.

    Will you keep the artwork and tooling of my product?

    Yes, it is our responsibility to do so. But it is a fact the tooling of the product will deteriorate with the passage of time even though we will try our best to keep in the most suitable condition.

    Where do you product my product?

    Our production factory is located in the mainland of china, while some of the materials for the product are important; al the production processes of product take place in china.


    Shall I pay the setup charge for the product?

    Yes, there is setup charge for the sampling of product. But most of the sample charge of product will be refunded when you place the order for the product up to certain amount.

    Shall I pay the sample charge if the product sample is not satisfactory?

    It is a point where disputes often arose in the sampling of product. If the product sample come out does not follow the design layout of the product which is mutually agreed and signed, then you should not pay the same charge of the product. On the other hand, if the product is made as per the design layout and description but the final outcome does not have the expected effect of the product designer. Then the responsibilities are laid on the product designer and customer.

    Who is paying the postage of mailing the product sample?

    We will send the product sample to customer by air mail at our cost( the heavy product is not included). if you need your product sample urgently and wish to send it by international courier, then you have to take up the cost.

    Do I need to pay a mould charge or sample charge when I reorder the product?

    You do not need to pay a mould charge or sample charge when you reorder the product except some very exceptional cases such as the polyresin product which require very complicated preparation procedures.

    Can I cancel my order for the product?

    Sorry, once the order for the product is confirmed, we have to make all the preparation work for the production of the product such as buying the material for the product is not yet started the product buyer has to pay at least the cost of the material and parts of the product as per the amount it is purchased. If the product is under production, then the product buyer has to pay for the amount of product that is produced plus the cost of material and parts of the product that is purchased. So the product buyer has to make sure and confirm everything before he places the order for the product.


    Can you make products other than those showed in your website?

    Yes, we are eager to try new products with new material and technique.

    Do you supply environmental friendly product?

    Yes, we do supply environmental friendly product.

    Do you work with product trader?

    Yes, actually most of our customers are product traders; of course, final buyers of product are equally welcome.

    Do you sell product stock?

    For the product with trademark and logo of other company, we will not sell, because this is their properties of their respective holder.

    If the product without trademark and logo of other company, we can sell our existing styles and stock to you.

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