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  • Design
    Creation of innovative and functional designs adapted to customer needs and trends. *Design is the soul of the product Trendy is not only "customized samples", but also combines industry trends and artistic aesthetics to give customers optimized design suggestions and meet customer needs with higher quality; Trendy has a number of professional designers who have their own keen awareness and innovative ability in design. They have designed a number of original works highly praised by customers, and have made outstanding contributions to customers' business development.
  • Raw Material
    Raw Material
    Proper selection of to produce products suited to production and sampling focused on resource optimization and efficiency. High-quality and special raw materials are the basis of product competitiveness Trendy is well aware of customers' expectations for high-quality and special products, and carefully selects from the source of raw materials We Use More And More Eco-Sustainable Material For Our Clients
  • workmanship
    High-tech production equipment is the guarantee of advanced technology Trendy has advanced high-tech production equipment in the industry and applied Trendy has made special treatment on the details of the product process to ensure the superior performance of the quality details. For example, Trendy uses the "thermoprint " process to ensure that the gold printing/hot stamped logo does not fade on the velvet or other fabric; Trendy uses a special process to ensure that the large size LOGO on the linen tote bag does not fade or Background leakage;
    Quality inspection and packaging are an important part of ensuring the interests of customers Trendy implements the AQL standard quality inspection process to ensure the perfect quality of all products out of the factory; at the same time, Trendy insist on high-quality packaging materials and packaging technology to ensure the firmness and safety of the packaging during product transportation.   Trendy has excellent quality inspectors in the factory, and resolutely implements strict quality inspection procedures; at the same time, it will select the most matching and strongest packaging materials in combination with product specifications and transportation methods to ensure product safety during transportation ; Finally, Trendy will be seriously responsible for delivering the products to the customer's designated logistics company

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