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Presentation to use Waterproof bag/trilogy

June 07 , 2016

Talk about Water Sport Dry Bags and waterproof trilogy. How do we use the waterproof bag is waterproof? How to achieve a watertight seal effect? Let me explain our waterproof bag waterproof function. 

Some people in line to buy Waterproof Dry Bags (also called drifting waterproof bag) then do not use and often send a message to me that this waterproof bag is not waterproof. They said the bag without their desired effect, and how to achieve their desired water effect?

In simple terms can be divided into four steps: 

Constitutes look waterproof bag, usually waterproof bag, there are three approaches:
A: PE bag sided board.
B: PE pocket edging on each side plate.
C: Functional waterproof zippers (of course, we will not speak of functional waterproof zipper up)
We talk about the first point A and point B.
1: waterproof bag to get our hands, PE plate outward, inward PE no side plates. (If yes, in no particular bilateral PE board)
2: Then straighten the bag, fold-out triple in the fourth off time backhand return up the volume
3: Plug sides buttoned good

The following figures can be seen:

Waterproof bag



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